Small-scale Hydro-Electrical Power Generator

Cross-flow hydro-electrical power generator

Cross-flow hydro-electrical generator

Cross-flow hydro-electrical generator

Cross-flow hydro-electrical generator

This Cross-flow hydro-electrical power generator was design for small scale applications. The generator can be connected to 3in tube and it can produces 150w of electrical DC power.

One of the most basic features of the cross flow turbine is the simplicity of its construction. The cross-flow turbine design is based on concepts from both impulse and reaction turbine designs, but in general it uses impulse behaviour giving the name also of an impulse turbine.

The simplicity in its design reduces cost and makes it very suitable for low head and small power scheme use. The cross flow turbine provides power and torque at its output shaft by extracting the kinetic energy from a moving water without otherwise interrupting its natural flow.

Countries & Year

Colombia - 1998


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez

Main Automation

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