Continuous Redundant Cable Robot

Extrinsic driven cable robot with continuous redundant actuation

Continuous redundant Manipulator with two segments

Arranges of lineal actuators for continuous redundant robot

End effector of continuous redundant manipulator

This is prototype is the development of cable continuous redundant manipulator and its kinematic model analysis. The aim of this project is to determine the accuracy of the experimental prototype with the constant curvature kinematic model. The prototype robot is composed by 2 segments with 7 modules sections powered by 6 driven cables, where each segment is controlled by 3 lineal motors.

The length of the segment can be modify allows to add and remove modular sections connected like serial chain. The robot manipulator can follow different trajectories and displacements in its workspace. The position uses a feedback control implemented via ROS.

Countries & Year

Colombia - 2018


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Yefry Moncada
Simon Mosqueda

Main Biomimetics

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