Motion capture robot

Humanoid robot for 3D capture animation motion.

Top view motion capture robot

Performance capture motion robot arm

Motion capture robot

Animation using 3D user interfaces allows more natural, fluent and precise queues of motion. This design presents the implementation of an anthropomorphic mechanism for motion capture through flexion/extension and abduction/adduction with a mechanism of 16 degrees of freedom of human motions with feasibility of assembling a low cost device.

The users of the mechanism has a potential for easing the key framing animation process as the mechanism can be designed for acquiring and saving the necessary information moving the virtual object. While motion is limited by the mechanism and motion data is easily read, the user still requires to configure character and animation properties such as collisions, handlers and skeletons that reacts accordingly to the capture data.

The approach presented caused interest among the users due to the inherent possibilities of creating more complex systems at a low-cost that could result in easier and more accurate capture data for animation; however this solution addresses the problem from a didactic purpose.

Country & Year

Colombia, - 2013


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Alvaro Uribe Quevedo
Byron Perez Gutierrez
Lizeth Vega

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