Humanoid robotics platform

Humanoid robot with 5 DOF Legs and 3 DOF Arms

Stand-down position humanoid robot

Arms-up humanoid robot

Walking humanoid robot

Humanoid robots are currently being implemented in a wide range of industries. The most common place to find humanoid robots is within the entertainment industry, where the designers are looking for humanoid robots become visible humanlike. The human body was used as a scale model for determining link lengths and the rotational axes of joints. In order to allow the robot to move like a human, the number of degrees of freedom in the robot must correspond to those of a human.

The robot is driven by 16 servo motors: 5 in each leg, one of which constitute ankle joint, one in knee joint and one in hip joint; 3 in each arm, two in the shoulder, one wrist. All these DOF allow flexible movement and fulfil the locomotion request. The robot is powered by high-current Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries, which are located in its pelvis. The cells last for about 30 minutes of operation.

The robot can moves autonomously, this locomotion deals with all kinds of movements, storage functions, online posture adjustment and feedbacks. The robot has a remote control via IoT and which manages several numbers of programs.

Country & Year

Colombia - 2022


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez

Main Legged

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