Underwater Lamprey like Robot

Snake like robot with Anguilliform locomotion for water environment inspection

Underwater lamprey like robot

Underwater lamprey like robot

Underwater lamprey like robot

Elongated fish such as lamprey and eel swim with entire body, which is flexible throughout its complete length, they move in a series of sinuous waves passing from head to tail. This type of movement called anguilliform (eel-like) locomotion, the waves cause each segment of the body to oscillate laterally across the axis of movement.

The lamprey robot is composed by segments of 5 cm diameter and total length of 85cm including the tail. The robot can be control by sending commands to executed its undulate locomotion of forward, backward and steer right and left. The motion uses a basic control implemented via Bluetooth and it is controlled by mobile device.

Countries & Year

Colombia - 2020


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez

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