Pipe Cleaner Robot

Wall-pipes cleaner robot for boiler industry aplications.

Cleaner robot climbing industrial boiler wall

Cleaner robot on a mock-up boiler wall

Detail steel brush cleaner robot

The wall-pipe cleaner robot was designed specifically to climbing and move vertically a long the pipes surfaces of boiler walls for thermal power plant.

The mechanical design is based on a wheeled mobile robot with magnetic adhesion forces optimised with flux concentrators. The robot carries a high speed pneumatic motor in order to remove wall thickness rust and corrosion. The wheel's robot are adapted to surface curvatures and can make transitions between wall-pipes of mild steel and pipes with stainless steel surfaces protection. The robot is carrying all micro pneumatic valves to activate the approaching motion to the wall on the cleaning mode.

The robot is controlled remotely via radio control by wireless communication. Manual commands remotely adjust the angle parameters of clearance and full contact of the cleaner motor.

The entry diameter of boiler plant is significantly smaller so the robot need to be a modular design for been assembly inside of power plant. All modules are merged together by two axes that keep the modules relatively at the same positions and distances in climbing mode.

Countries & Year

Colombia, Chile - 2012


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Nairo Leon Rodriguez

Main Climbing

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