Climbing Wall

Modular climbing wall for robot competitions

Modular climbing wall

Modular climbing wall

Modular climbing wall

This is modular climbing wall for robots competitions. The wall is a modular design be able to fully asamble/disasamble and carry away.

The floor area is 3mm thick steel plates; it is enclosed on three sides by 10 high steel walls. The modular steel wall (2m x2m) is constructed of three steel plates (3 mm thickness) bolted to a frame so that vertical joints between the three plates are not bonded but have a small gap of about 2mm. The wall is painted black while the wall and floor sections have white side walls.

There are three obstacles of different shapes, each 10 cm high and 10 cm side length (with permanent magnets in their base) which will be placed on the wall at a minimum distance 30 cm from each other.

The shapes have a cross section of an equilateral triangle, a cuboid side and cylindrical. These are wooded made painted white. In additions, there is ridge of 1 cm high and 1 cm wide.

Countries & Year

England - 2005


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Alina Brenner
Jianzhong Shang
Tariq Sattar

Main Automation

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