WallExplor robot

Wall Climbing Robot with Permanent Magnet Adhesion

Most Industrial Innovative Wall Climbing Robot - Emerald - University of Sheffield.

Wallexplor robot climbing a wall

Wallexplor robot transferring surfaces

Wallexplor robot avoiding obstacles

This robot uses permanent magnet adhesion to climb on ferrous materials. The robot was developed to perform non-destructive testing (NDT) of large vertical steel plates. It consists of two hinged platforms that enable transfer between horizontal/vertical and vertical/vertical surfaces. During a surface change, one platform crosses over to the new surface while the other platform remains on the old surface.

The robot dimensions are 300 x 240 x 200 mm with 6 kg weight. Its motion is actuated by two 150W DC motors at 24V. Each motor is transmitting drive to all three wheels on one side of the robot with a belt and pulley system. An I/O card and two PIC servo controllers are carried on-board the robot and are conented via twin pair cable for serial RS485 communications with a PC. The robot can be programmed and tele-operated via this link or it can be switched to a fully autonomous mode. A gravity sensor indicates when the robot is on the floor or the wall. Two mercury sensors indicate deviation of robot motion from the vertical so that the robot can continue to climb in a vertical straight line after going round obstacles.

Country & Year

England - 2005


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Jianzhong Shang
Tariq Sattar
Alina Brenner

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