Manipulator robot

Omniwheels Mobile platform with 6 DOF Manipulator Robot Arm

Virtual reality control system

Manipulator robot with VR controllers

Manipulator robot with VR controllers

Manipulator robot with VR controllers

The manipulator robot is a hybrid of holonomic lightweight mobile robot platform of 2 DOF and articulated robot arm of 6 DOF mounted on it for autonomous motion. It had the advantage to move instantaneously in any direction. The platform does not need to do any complex motions to achieve both the X and Y plane movements. The three wheels are spaced at 120 degree angles and guarantee to be on the same plane, so each wheel is in contact with the ground, but only one wheel will be rotating in the direction of travel.

The Robotic Arm or (manipulator) is composed of rotational base, shoulder, motional elbow, wrist, roll and a functional gripper. The robotic arm delivers fast, accurate, and repeatable five DOF movements; It is a reasonable system with robust solid design assembled with modular high-strength structural of anodized aluminium; however, it is joined with six servo motors which drive the motion of the arm.

The work involves on-line virtual environments (VE) for task planning. When programmed tasks of a robot arm and omni-wheel platform in the virtual world are developed to the satisfaction of the trainee, they are exported to the remote physical hardware, via USB, for the real world execution.

Country & Year

Colombia - 2010


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Cristian A. Cristancho
Angelica Florez C.

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