Type of amphibios

The amphibious robots are moving by wheels, thrusters and/or undulation motion.

Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle

Affordable ROV robot with depth/buoyancy control for visual inspections within 5 m depth.
Remote Operation Vehicles (ROV) are mainly identified as an underwater robot.
Colombia - 2020

Underwater Lamprey like Robot

Snake like robot with Anguilliform locomotion for water environment inspection.
Assembly with 7 modules sections that move in a series of sinuous waves passing from head to tail.
Colombia - 2020

FPSO robot

Amphibious NDT Robot for Floating Production Oil Storage Tanks (FPSO).
Plate wave technique of none destructive testing.
England, Greece - 2007

Omniwheels underwater robot

Amphibious Wall Climbing Robot for NDT Inspection.
Underwater climbing robot with suction adhesion.
England - 2007

Suction Technique

Underwater Wall Climbing Robot with Propeller Adhesion.
Underwater Wall Climbing Robot for Nuclear Pressure Vessel Inspection.
England - 2006

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