Type of automation

Different type of actuators for automation are used but soft-materials had emerged as alternative.

windturbine scaner robot

Scanner of 5 DOF for X-ray Computed Tomography Inspection in Wind Turbines Blades.
Prototype of high energy micro-focus X-ray scanner system.
England, Wales - 2010

wall competition for climbing robots

Modular metalic wall for climbing robot competition.
Mock-up of magnetic wall for climbing robots.
England - 2005

Portable station generator of electrical power

Alternative electrical power generator for away house.
Hydroelectric power generator, cross flow technique.
Colombia - 1998

Pneumatic muscles for hand robot

Pneumatic artificial muscles (PAMs) are contractile or extensional devices operated by pressurized air filling a pneumatic bladder.
The hand has an anthropomorphic design with 16 degrees of freedom (DOFs).
Colombia - 2012

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