Type of walk

Walk displacement can be reproduced by any number of legs; some other motions can be development by legs like: jump, run, climb, etc.

Bipedal robot

Walking with Robots.
Royal Academy of Engineering - London Engineering Project.
England - 2007

Quadruped Robot

Quadruped walking robot.
Electro-Pneumatics Robot with Quadruped Locomotion Controlled via AS-i Fieldbus.
Colombia - 2000

Hexapod Robot

Six Legs robot with 18 DOF.
Bio-mimetically inspired spider like robot.
England, Colombia - 2008

Humanoid Robot

Bipedal Robot controlled via wirelessly.
Humanoid robot with 3 DOF Legs and 4 DOF Arms.
Colombia - 2009

Motion Capture Robot

Humanoid robot for 3D capture animation motion.
Pasive motion robot with 16 DOF.
Colombia - 2013

Exoskeleton Robot

Bipedal walking robot.
Exoskeleton Robot for Elderly and Disabled Persons.
Sweden - 2011

Centipede Micro-robot

Walking micro-robot with electromagnetic actuations.
Bio-mimetically inspired centipede like robot.
Korea - 2015

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