Type of wheels

Standard/Fixed wheels, Ball-wheels, Orientable/Caster wheels, Omni wheels, Caterpillar/Tracks, Mecanum wheels, Omni-crawlers, etc.

Mobile wheels-legged Robot

Mobile hybrid platform of quadruple wheel and legs robot.
Platform with 4 active dc motors and 8 servo motors.
Colombia - 2022

Mobile Ballwheel Robot

Mobile platform with 3 DOF and one ball in contact with the floor.
The agile platform with 3 motors and omniwheels can stand up on the ball acting as wheel.
Colombia - 2021

Mobile Segway Robot

Vertical control platform based in two active castor wheels.
Self-balancing platform with aligning wheels on the same axle.
Colombia - 2020

Mobile Caterpillar Robot

Mobile platform composed by two serial tracks like elongated wheels.
The tracked robot chassis also poses two extended arms for stairs climbing.
Colombia - 2020

Mobile Omni-crawler Robot

The omni-crawler platform is caterpillar robot able to move in any direction.
The crawler mechanism allows it to realize the required sideways motion.
Colombia - 2021

Mobile Differential Robot

Mobile platform composed by two driven wheels and one orientable wheel.
This platform is also known Unicycle-type wheeled mobile robot.
Colombia - 2020

Mobile Omniservowheel Robot

Holonomic platform driven by 3 servo-motors.
Omnidirectional mobile robot using 3 motorized omniwheels.
Colombia - 2018

Mobile Omnidcwheel Robot

Holonomic platform driven by 3 DC motors.
Omnidirectional mobile robot using 3 active omniwheels.
Colombia - 2020

Mobile Instantaneous Robot

Mobile Instantaneous platform with redundant actuation using conventional wheels.
Non-holonomic omnidirectional mobile robot using conventional wheels.
Colombia - 2021

Mobile Scissors Robot

Mobile scissors platform is bogie quadruple wheel robot.
Platform with 4 active motors with passive hinge body connection.
Colombia - 2021

Mobile Mecanum Robot

Mobile Mecanum robot platform is capable of moving in any direction.
This unique mobility of the robot is achieved by using special type of wheels, called Mecanum Wheels.
Colombia - 2020

Mobile Rocker-Bogie Robot

The rocker-bogie platform is the suspension arrangement developed by NASA's Mars.
The rocker-bogie design has no springs or stub axles for each wheel.
Colombia - 2021

Mobile Multiwheel Robot

Snake Like robot platform with active joints and wheels.
biomimetic inspired design with high number of degrees of freedom.
Colombia - 2020

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