Type of wheels configuration

Configurations of wheels depends of speed, traction, frictions, diameter and orientation.

Tele-operated robot

Tele-operated Explosive Bombs Deactivator Robot.
Colombian Research Council - Colciencias.
Colombia - 2011

Manipulator Robot

Virtual reality devices controlled robotics system.
Omniwheels Mobile platform with 6 DOF Manipulator Robot Arm.
Colombia - 2010

External pipe climbing robot

Climbing Ring Robot for Inspection of Offshore Wind Turbines.
1st place, Industrial Innovative Robot, highly commanded - Emerald.
England, Wales - 2008

FPSO robot

Amphibious NDT Robot for Floating Production Oil Storage Tanks (FPSO).
Plate wave technique of none destructive testing.
England, Greece - 2007

Cleaner climbing robot

Wall Climbing Robot with Permanent Magnet Adhesion.
Wall-pipes cleaner robot for boiler industry aplications.
Colombia, Chile - 2012

Rimini robot

Underwater Wall Climbing Robot with Propeller Adhesion.
Underwater Wall Climbing Robot for Nuclear Pressure Vessel Inspection.
England - 2006

Stronger Robot

Wall Climbing Robot with Permanent Magnet Adhesion.
Climbing Cooperating Robots for Fast and Flexible Manufacturing of Large Scale Engineering Structures.
England, Frace, Italy, Greece - 2009

Ultrasound robot

None Destructive Testing Robot for Continuous Thickness Inspection.
Wall climbing robot for steel surface adhesion.
Colombia - 2012

Omniwheels underwater robot

Amphibious Wall Climbing Robot for NDT Inspection.
Underwater climbing robot with suction adhesion.
England - 2007

Wallexplor Robot

Wall Climbing Robot with Permanent Magnet Adhesion.
Most Industrial Innovative Wall Climbing Robot - Emerald.
England - 2005

Internal pipe climbing robot

Inward Pipeline Wheeled Scanning Robot.
Pipe climbing robot with friction adhesion.
England, Colombia - 2006

Micro wheeled robot

Cockroach micro Robot.
Micro robot with electro-magnetic actuation.
Korea - 2015

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