Capsule Micro-robot

Electromagnetic capsule endoscope micro-robot with biopsy tools - Korean Patent

Capsule endoscope micro-robot with biopy tools

Capsule endoscope micro-robot

Conceptual prototype fo capsule micro-robot

This microrobot is a novel design of capsule endoscope with biopsy tools controlled by an electromagnetic actuator. The micro-robot has several conceptual prototies built by a rapid prototiping machine and industrial machined. preliminar animal test are been carry-out to evaluate the performace of blades material.

The new capsule endoscopes can go even to specific targeting lesion in the intestine track and release a specific amount of drug. Several experiments are conducted to show the feasibility of the active locomotive capsule endoscope with biopsy tools a drug delivery function.

Countries & Year

Korea - 2015


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Viet Ha Le
Sukho Park
Jong-Oh Park

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