Ferrofluid Micro-robot

Electromagnetic soft-ferrofluid micro-robot

Soft ferrofluid micro-robots

Size view ferrofluid micro-robot

Top view ferrofluid micro-robot

This microrobot is a novel design of swimming motion powered by an electromagnetic actuator. The robot may help solve or improve tasks otherwise difficult with traditional robotics.

This project focuses on the design and development of soft-robotic bioinspired prototype structures, whose motion is controlled using magnetic fields over a body composed of a ferro-fluid.

The goal is to explore magnetics actuation as an alternate mean to control and reduce soft-robotics size as an alternative to current traditional mechanical or electromechanical biomimetic developments and/or even shape memory alloys.

Countries & Year

Korea - 2015


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Sukho Park
Jong-Oh Park

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