Lumbricus Micro-robot

Electromagnetic walking micro-robot

Lumbricus micro-robot

Lumbricus micro-robot proto-2

Top view lumbricus micro-robot

This microrobot is a novel design of friction motion powered by an electromagnetic actuator. The robot has been built by a rapid prototiping machine and permanent magnets.

The lumbricus like robot crawls like earthworm on flat surfaces by actively changing the micro-motions on its body. The Earthworms modules are segmented and composed of repeating units.

During crawling, the EMA actuator produces its locomotion by generating rotating magnetic field. The robot prototypes crawl by replicating its modules and would be impossible to move in the absence of friction and applied specific magnetic field.

Countries & Year

Korea - 2015


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Sukho Park
Jong-Oh Park

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