Mobile ballwheel robot

Mobile platform with 3 DOF and one ball in contact with the floor

Platform with 3 motors on top of a ball acting as wheel

Mobile ballwheel robot

Mobile ballwheel robot

Mobile ballwheel robot

The Mobile ball-wheel robot is also known as a ballbot is a dynamically-stable mobile robot designed to balance on a single spherical wheel like solid ball. The based locomotion is done by its single contact point with the ground; the ball-wheel platform is composed by 3 omnidirectional wheels and most be executed with agilely manoeuvrability and several sensors for vertical control stability.

Its dynamic stability enables improved navigability in narrow space, the ball-wheel robot works with the same principle as an inverted pendulum.

Countries & Year

Colombia - 2023


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Freddy Alexis Ortiz Herrera
Juan Diego Cruz Salazar
Sharick Nicole Villalba Viellard
Samuel Quintero Parra

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