Mobile multiwheel robot

Snake like robot platform driven by wheels

Platform compouse by 11 modules with 2 driven motors each and 2 DOF joints

Mobile multiwheel robot

Mobile multiwheel robot

Mobile multiwheel robot

The multi-wheels platform is a snake like robot built in a very elastic way to allow flexible bending on each joint. The platform is designed for studying control problems with high number of degrees of freedom. The platform is intended for practical tasks like inspection of narrow areas hardly to reach, sewerage pipes, destroyed buildings, etc.

Each section is basically built like an aluminium square tube with some holes in its surface for holding 2 servomotors for active joints and 2 servomotors for active wheels. By the active joints we can obviously adjust the curvature of the snake’s body. This is only limited by the maximal angle 180o and by the discretization of the path induced by the straight rigid parts between the joints.

Countries & Year

Colombia - 2020


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez

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