Mobile omniservowheel robot

Mobile omniservowheel platform is a holonomic platform with 3 onmiwheels driven by servomotors

Platform with 3 servomotors and omniwheels

Mobile omniservowheel robot

Mobile omniservowheel robot

Mobile omniservowheel robot

The omniservowheel platfrom is constructed with 3 active omnidirectional wheels powered by servo-motors placed at 120 degrees. More than three wheels provide redundancy and many combinations of motors speeds that can provide the same Euclidean movement. This type of robots has a high possibility of wheel slippery making difficult to obtain an accurate target position.

A holonomic platform denotes to among of restrictions in the translational axes. If a robot is holonomic with respect to N dimensions, it's capable of moving in any direction in any of those N physical dimensions available. In the opposite way the nonholonomic platforms are restricted in which directions it can move.

Countries & Year

Colombia - 2018


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez

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