Mobile segway robot

Self-balancing Platform with 2 motors and several sensors for vertical control

Mobile platform with two castor wheels in contact with the floor

Mobile segway robot

Mobile segway robot

Mobile segway robot

The segway robot is a self-balancing platform composes by two wheels placed on the same axis. It is capable to move in high speed indoor and outdoor operation preferable on flat surfaces; which is capable of turning in its own spot. It is necessarily to place a height tilt sensor and carry heavy payload to warranty its stability. For control configuration with minimum effort is inevitably to mount different sets of sensors on the platform.

The platform requires a fast dynamic stabilization controller based in any feedback control that can tolerate the plant variation, produced by balancing its payload and frequency. The controller must be matched to the properties of inertia, mass, center of gravity and speed.

Countries & Year

Colombia - 2020


Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
Daniela Garzon Cuadros

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